Eden Way: Part 1 – Rockcliffe Marsh to Carlisle

Walked as three separate there-and-backs as the final part of the now defunct Cumbrian Coastal Way, but also includes the first 11.3 miles of the Eden Way.

Part A: Eden Way Part 1
Rockcliffe to Rockcliffe Marsh
5.81 miles (3.6 miles of Eden Way) 3hr 1min ascent 34m
Eden Benchmark: Global Warming

Part B: Eden Way Discovered: Rockcliffe to Spa Well
Spa Well to Rockcliffe
8.07 miles (3.75 miles of Eden Way) 4h 50m ascent 65m

Part C: Cumbria Coastal Continued: 1
Carlisle to Spa Well
7.77 miles (4.01 miles of Eden Way) 3h 53m 79m ascent

Why we split it as we did: Coronavirus lockdown rules meant we couldn’t use public transport or car-share so we walked it as three separate there-and-back walks. We walked from Carlisle (Rickerby Park) to Spa Well and back. The following week we returned to do Spa Well to Rockcliffe but the riverbank was flooded and we headed Annan for a walk there. I recall that because I was walking along the riverside path when I got a phone call asking me to go back to work. The second wave of SARS-COV2 had arrived. Hence the long gap until we walked the Eden again. It would be ten months before we returned for the Spa Well to Rockcliffe section. When car-sharing and public transport limitations were relaxed we decided to walk the whole of the Eden Way but having walked the Rockcliffe Marsh to Carlisle section both upstream and downstream already we wanted to crack on rather than walking those miles a third time.