What I have learnt

*NEW 2022* Surgeon’s Shoelace Knot: now my laces don’t keep coming undone.

Tracks on the OS map don’t always exist

Bridges on OS maps don’t always exist

Contours don’t always capture the lie of the land

Some authors are tougher than me (“slightly troublesome terrain” may in fact be beyond me)

If it doesn’t look as it should you may be somewhere else

Don’t blindly trust other people, they can be wrong

The majority are not always correct

If you feel knackered, take a break

Trudging is my best pace, qv tortoise and hare

Footprints may lead you to underestimate the depth of mud

Sun burns the skin

Sunscreen is of no use in the car

Sitting in the wet is a fool’s game

No matter what I do my trousers slip down and have to be pulled up

If you’re making really great time, you’re possibly mistaken about where you are

Cairns and trigs aren’t always the summit

Not all paths are made by humans, and may have destinations appropriate to sheep/goats

Watercourses can look like paths from a distance

Just because it looks to be going down doesn’t mean it is (gravity hills qv)

Scotland’s weather cannot be predicted

If you don’t take a map you will wish you had

Trekking poles are not indestructible

There is usually a reason that no-one takes the “obvious” route

Naismith does not work on bogs

Sunglasses are unnecessary except in snow

Stuff can blow away

Look where you pee

When someone stops talking, have a break

Just because goats can walk up the scree doesn’t mean I can

Banks of streams can collapse


It can be difficult to assess the gradient of a snow covered slope

Hare urine is orange

Goggles are essential winter equipment