Mabie’s Monicas

Moniker, Monica. n (slang), name or nickname.


Monica = a hill in Mabie with its name on the OS 1:50k map.
Wee Monica = a hill in Mabie with its name on the OS 1:25k but not the OS 1:50k map.
Asterisked Monica/Wee Monica= the upper contour runs, at least in part, within Mabie, but the highest point is outside the Mabie Forest boundary.
Neighbours = nearby named hills in “Greater Mabie”

For the sake of argument I have taken Mabie to be the Forestry Scotland Public Access Boundary marked on the OS map. Greater Mabie is more uncertain but for now I am considering this as bounded by the A711, A710, the road from Beeswing to New Abbey and the road from Mabie Forest Kennels and Cattery to the A710. Though sometimes I wonder if that last road should be replaced by Crooks Pow.

Mabie Monicas
.Woodhead Hill 260m
.Marthrown Hill 249m
.Craigbill Hill 221m
.Auchenfad Hill* 195m
.Lochbank Hill 216m
.Locharthur Hill* 194m

Mabie Wee Monicas
.Hillhead Hill 240m
.Larch Hill 165m
.Craigend Hill 205m
.Dalskairth Hill* 153 m

Monica neighbours
.Glensone Hill 173m
.Trostan Hill 212m
.Barlay Hill 125m
.Auchengray Hill 197m

Wee Monica neighbours
Butterhole Hill 185m
Little Auchenfad Hill 126m