Dun Garbh

1 mile  50mins

Dungarry Fort

Dungarry Fort

This is an 8th century fort, or the remains of one at least, sitting on a small hill in a valley beside Bengairn. The long single track road/track from Auchencairn doesn’t have much in the way of parking places but I found a place.

I used a stone wall on the west of the fort to guide me from the track onto the hill, walked along the crest of the hill to the fort then descended directly SE to another track.

Navigation was very easy but the terrain with bog myrtle (in boggy ground), tussocks, bracken, and heather was a bit tiring, especially since I was carrying the remnants of a hangover.

For a relatively low hill it had excellent views of the Solway and the Galloway hills
[osmap gpx=”http://www.screel.co.uk/walks/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/RK_gpx-_2015-11-22_1317.gpx”]

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